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Using technology, I am a home based Entrepreneur and want to help you also to be one.

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Welcome Post

Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Michael Markuson and on this website I will be talking about all things to do with Online Marketing.

I started this new site to help you choose the right training, product, software or service for you and to show you some free tips and tricks that will help you in your business.

In this day and age there are many people who will try to trick you into buying anything that may not be any use to you but that will make them money.

I have over 8 years of making money online experience and have tested and tried dozens of products. Researched hundreds.

Some I have made a lot of money from and some have just been a complete waste of time so I hope that my experience helps you to not make the same mistakes as I did.

I am always open to answering questions so feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP (usually within 12 hours).

Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question and if you are here, you are most likely here to learn or to find out if something is as good as everyone says that it is!

I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts and finally find someone that you can trust to give you accurate and true information.

Welcome and enjoy my site!

All the best & to your success,


Conversion & Experience Optimization Techniques You Have to Learn!

  • Use Form Fields Appropriately
  • Form fields are a great way to get more leads from your website traffic. However, poorly placed, designed and implemented forms may give you less to no results at all. Only use form fields when necessary consider your visitors and check if you won’t get annoyed with the way form fields are implemented.
    1. Make Your Call-to-action Buttons Standout
    Website elements such us forms and buttons should be easily identifiable from the rest of your display. Making form call-to-action buttons standout does not mean using a far out color on them, you have to make sure that it also goes well with your design.
    1. Test Your Forms and Buttons
    Make sure that each field and buttons on your pages are properly working before publishing. Avoid missed conversions due to wrongly or unchecked forms.
    1. Use Professional and Relevant Stock Photos
    Images add a wow factor on your webpages and help you increase your conversions. However, you have to make sure that you are only using appropriated photos. Do not put photos on your website just because they cute, professional photos enhance your website’s credibility and professional image.
    1. Utilize the Power of Videos
    Adding demo or instructional videos for your products could greatly increase your conversion by as much as 100%. But make sure that these videos will be informational and entertaining at the same time. Refrain from posting lengthy videos, a 2-3 minute clip would be enough to capture your audience’s attention.
    1. Add a Timer
    For promos or sale, it would be best to present your products with a timer. Having a timer helps your website viewers to decide an action which in turn would benefit you.
    1. Make Your Headlines Clear
    Compose your section or presentation headline in a clear, concise and engaging manner but avoid being too pushy towards your customers. Remember that you want to maintain a professional image and at the same time drive more conversion so choose your words properly.
    1. Display Vital Information Clearly
    Make sure that you present information such as product details, phone numbers, email address and business address clearly. Most customers might prefer reaching out to you in order to make a deal so having these information easily readable and available is a must. Getting your website visitor’s attention through texts and graphics is not an easy task. However, with proper implementation of forms and design it will not be that hard. Making sure that your call-to-actions stands out while not being distracting is the best way you can get more conversions. These techniques are great pointers to get you started in boosting your conversion rate and guide you when you plan on changing your website layout in the future.]]>

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